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Body Sync Jersey Hygiene Protocol


You will be asked to fill in a Covid -19 intake form prior to booking your session.


When you arrive at the clinic, there will be hand sanitizer at the door, and it would be great, if you could play your part in reducing the spread of Covid-19 by sanitizing your hands and have your face mask/covering ready to use before you enter the clinic.


For hygiene reasons it is advised to bring your own water if you wish to do so.


I will wear a face mask/covering and a gown which will be replaced with a fresh, clean one in between clients.


As usual I will wash my hands just before the start of the treatment and in addition to this I will disinfect them in the treatment room.


All contact surfaces will be cleaned prior and after each client (chair, door handles, light switches, work equipment etc.).


The treatment couch will be disinfected and a fresh, clean cloth couch cover being fitted for every single client.


Plenty of time in between clients is scheduled in for the disinfection process and to open windows for fresh air, which will allow aerosols to settle. This should also minimize the chance clients crossing their ways in the clinic.


Fresh, clean towels will be used for each individual for all linen being washed at 60 degrees.


Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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